the musicians

Here they are! The musicians of liverish:

Tom_SommerfestTom:       Guitars and vocals and Song writer

Tom discovered his talent already in the early years when his father, who also played in a band, has bought him his first guitar. He was already playing in bands during his young school days and has started to compose his own songs. That and a longer stay in Galway, Ireland has contributed a lot to his own unique music style. With his long experience he is a great contributor to the characteristics of today’s music of Liverish.


Tobi_VocalsTobi:       Bass and Vocals

Tobi was interested in instruments of the rhythm section from a very early age and when he started to play the bass during his schoolhood, he had surely found his favorite instrument. He collected his first rock experiences with his colleagues in a school band. Over time his sound got influences by Funk, Punk, RnB and Soul music. With Liverish he is responsible for a solid groove together with Francois.


URs_CloseupUrs:         Guitars

It was summer 1984 when Urs was in Spain with his parents when he discovered his love for the Flamenco guitar. He prepared for a long argument with his father in order to persuade his father to buy one for him. To his great surprise it was the easiest thing in the world. After 3 years of classical guitar training and playing together with his father who plays the south American harp, Urs has bought his first electric guitar at the age of 16. In the following years he has played in various bands with different styles such as Punk, Rock, Pop and RnB. Today he has lots of fun playing with his mates and Liverish profits greatly from his versatility.


Mauri_SommerfestMauri:                 Lead Vocals

Mauri is without a doubt the multi talent in the band. With his powerful voice he is able to enchant the crowd immediately. Already at primary school he was always the one to audition. His talent to convincingly play back a song immediately after he heard it for the first time astonishes everybody who knows him. One fine day when he was persuaded to play in a students music session he was won over for it. He invested more and more time in music and taught him self the guitar and the bass in record time. When our first drummer broke his ankle shortly before one of our gigs, he jumped in to play the drums too, so that we didn’t have to call off the show. Ever since the Liverish revival in 2013 he was lead singer and drummer at the same time until Francois has joined the band in 2015.


Francois_DrumsFrancois:      Drums

Francois is the youngest member of the band. He joined in Spring 2015 and together with Tobi dedicates the rhythm section of Liverish.